Road Cutting Machine For Sale

The road cutting machine provides professional cutting for municipal construction re-election, road maintenance construction, airport pavement cutting, communication engineering embedding, and floor and driveway operations. By replacing different types of saw blades, it can effectively cut new and old concrete and asphalt pavements, and can be also loaded with water tanks for water-jet cutting operations. This machine is mainly used for cutting concrete, cement, floor and stone pavement; cutting pavement shrinkage seam or damaged pavement, its operation is simple to use, and it is more convenient in the absence of power supply conditions.

  • DQG1350/DQG1350C
  • DQG1500A/DQG1500B
  • Model DQG1350 DQG1350C
    Walking mode Push type Push type
    Assembly saw blade 350mm 350mm
    Fit aperture 50mm 50mm
    Water tank volume 12L 12L
    Model HONDA GX160 KIPOR KM170F
    Type Gasoline engine, air-cooled 4-stroke, OHV, single cylinder Diesel engine, air-cooled 4-stroke, single cylinder
    Power 5.5hp/3600rpm 3.8hp/3600rpm
    Fuel tank capacity 3.6L 2.5L
    Amount of lubricant 0.58L 0.75L
    Fuel consumption 313g/kW.h 288.3g/kW.h
    Total length 1090mm 1090mm
    Total width 470m 470mm
    Total height 1050mm 1050mm
    Package dimensions 930×550×1059mm 930×550×1059mm
    Working weight 76kg 76kg
    • DQG1500A DQG1500A
      Trolley Trolley
      500mm(Max) 500mm(Max)
      50mm 50mm
      30L 30L
      HONDA GX390 KIPOR KM186F
      Gasoline, air cooled, single cylinder Diesel, air cooled, single cylinder
      13.0HP/3600RPM 6.3HP/3600RPM
      6.5L 5.5L
      1.1L 1.65L
      313g/kW.h 281.5g/kW.h
      1360mm 1360mm
      580mm 580mm
      870mm 870mm
      1460*670*1035mm 1460*670*1035mm
      105kg 115kg


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